Offer only to your satisfied customers
to leave you an
online review !

Take back control of your online reputation

You learn from bad reviews without damaging your e-reputation and you redirect the good reviews to the site of your choice to boost your online presence!

Publish your good reviews directly on the platform that matters to you

a Simple tool, Powerful results.

Collect feedbacks

Send a personalized satisfaction survey to your customers

Publish the good

Ask your satisfied customers to leave you an online review on the platform of your choice

Keep bad ones

Question your dissatisfied customers to detect their source of dissatisfaction

Publish only the good reviews

Easy to use

Say hello to the easiest review collection platform to get started.
Start collecting customer reviews and analyzing the results right away with our template library.

Customized questions

You will want to ask different questions to a satisfied customer than to a customer who has had a bad experience. With conditional questions you can tailor the questions you ask your customers based on their answers to previous questions.

Maintain your brand throughout the customer journey

Create 100% personalized forms with your image.

This way, your customers can see your brand from the beginning to the end of their interaction with you and know exactly who they are leaving a review for.

Increase your sales with + more positive online reviews

Our clients are seeing an increase in real online reviews, with an average increase of 0.7 stars / 5.

This is the best way to increase your popularity in search engines and attract new customers.

Your customers are encouraged to leave you a review automatically. You decide whether to redirect the customer to an online review platform or to keep the review in-house, depending on the rating they leave you. And all this automatically!

Quick results

FormN Go will help you get good reviews fast. With our simple and intuitive forms you will increase your customer engagement and your online presence.

We offer you a catalog of ready-made forms that you can use as is or customize to fit your needs.

Customer satisfaction survey

Set up satisfaction surveys and analyze the results internally. This will allow you to easily detect your areas of improvement and strengths.

Opinion gathering campaign

Ask your customers about their experiences with your establishment and ask all your satisfied customers to leave you an online review!

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Frequent questions

No, there is no commitment. You can cancel your subscription at any time directly from your administration interface.

Our customers stay with us because of the quality of our product, not because they are bound by a contract.

Yes of course, when one of your customers leaves you a positive review, you can redirect them to the platform of your choice to boost your e-reputation!

If one of your customers leaves a negative review, you can ask for more information about the reason for the review.

You then receive the response internally and can learn from it without the review damaging your online reputation.

It’s up to you!

For each rating you can choose the percentage of reviews that remain in-house and the percentage of reviews posted online.

For example, you can keep all 4/5 reviews internal or 20% online and 80% internal.

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